Plots for detached houses

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Plots are assigned in chronological order of the submission of applications. As a rule, plots are first leased out; plots become available for purchase after they have been built on. The city plan and construction method guidelines determine what kind of buildings can be built on each plot.  In the Salmi area it is possible to deviate from the construction method guidelines.

City plan and construction method instructions

The buyers and tenants of plots undertake to comply with the city plan and related construction guidelines. Information regarding city plans and construction method instructions is only available in Finnish. Please study the information carefully before applying for a plot of land. It will tell you, for example, how the main building and any yard buildings have to be situated on the plot, matters related to the appearance of the building, and regulations related to any trees and potential fencing of the plot.

City plans and construction method instructions for different areas can be found on the Vacant plots page.

Vacant plots

Reserving a plot

The reservation period is used for designing the building location. Select a head designer for the project. Together with the head designer, you will design the buildings and their location on the plot. The head designer will then present the preliminary drawings to urban planning. At this stage, it is ensured that the plans are in accordance with the relevant city plan. After this, a rental agreement can be drawn up.

  • The reservation period for plots for detached houses is normally 9 months, but in the Hiu area it is 6 months
  • The reservation fee is 300 euros
  • The reservation fee will be refunded as soon as the rental agreement has been signed or if the reservation is cancelled within the reservation period.
  • Please include all future tenants as applicants in the application form.

You may reserve a plot by filling out a reservation application and paying the reservation fee of €300 to the City of Uusikaupunki to the account FI 56 5491 0220 0004 54 (please write ‘plot reservation fee’ in the message field of the payment).

Entering into a rental agreement

A rental agreement can be signed once the plans have been approved by urban planning. One can obtain a building permit only after signing a rental agreement or deed of sale for the plot. Some plots may be directly available for purchase.

  • The lease period in Hiu, Salmi and Lokalahti is 50 years, while in Kalanti it is 30 years
  • Rent is charged twice a year
  • The rent sum is tied to the cost-of-living index
  • Tenants may buy the rented plot when the obligation to build on the plot has been fulfilled
  • After signing a rental agreement, please record your rental rights at the National Land Survey of Finland

For more information regarding the recording of rental rights, please visit the website of the National Land Survey of Finland

Rates and costs

Plot prices per square meter 2023

Annual plot rent corresponds to 5% of the purchase price

  • Hiu 19th district (all areas) = 15,89 €/m2
  • Salmi 17th district = 8,71 €/m2
  • Kalanti (all areas) = 3,71 €/m2
  • Lokalahti (all areas) = 3,04 €/m2

Sales price

Redemption price corrected according to the last known cost-of-living index.

Costs related to renting a plot

  • Plot division costs are based on the size of the plot and encumbrances, usually around €900 - 1150/plot
  • Lease remedy registration cost (National Land Survey of Finland)
  • Construction costs for the foreparts of water and sewer connections on plots in the following built-up areas:

invoiced after the rental agreement has been signed, prices include VAT 24%

Costs related to purchasing a plot

  • The price of the plot
  • Law enforcement costs (National Land Survey of Finland)
  • Public purchase witness' fee
  • Transfer tax 4% of purchase price

Costs related to the launching of construction

  • Water and sewage network connection and usage fees, as well as basic and service fees
  • Electricity connections according to the tariffs of regional electricity companies.
  • Fixed-line telephone connections, Internet connections and possible Cable TV connections
  • Connecting to district heating (not available in all areas)
  • Building permit fee. Permit fees are based on the size of the building and some other basic fees.
  • A separate fee is charged for any outbuildings.