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We use electronic permit processing methods

At, you can apply for all construction permits and handle related official dealings electronically, as well as ask for advice in advance before starting a construction project.

When do I need a permit?

Construction usually always requires some kind of a permit. In addition to the Land Use and Building Act and Ordinance, you must also abide by the building regulations of the City of Uusikaupunki. Construction is also limited by city plans. Uusikaupunki's building ordinance includes information on the kind of permits you will need for structures such as canopies, sheds or waste shelters, façades and fencing. If a structure can be interpreted as a building, you will need a building permit. Saunas always require a building permit.

Permit preparations

We recommend presenting construction plans to a construction inspector already in the drafting stage. This way you will know which type of permit you will need for the construction project, as well as find out about possible deficiencies and repair needs, the constructability of the building site and the necessary conditions for construction in good time and be able to avoid having to correct finished work.

Booking an appointment

Building inspectors are only available by appointment.

Processing times

Processing times vary between 3 and 5 weeks.

Applications for exception permits and planning requirement solutions and related documents must be submitted to the Lupapiste service at least three weeks before the meeting of the Environment and Licensing Committee.

Permit extensions

Building permits can be extended by a maximum of two years at a time for starting the work and a maximum of three years regarding its completion.

You can apply for an extension through the Lupapiste service.

Publication of construction permit decisions

Construction supervision fees 

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Housing and construction subsidies are granted from state funds. The subsidies are aimed at repairing the housing stock and improving living conditions.