Building instructions

The task of construction supervision is to ensure that both the built and natural environment remain healthy, safe and comfortable.  

Construction is regulated

  • by the Land Use and Building Act
  • planning
  • the City’s building ordinance
  • construction method instructions

All plans must be drawn up in accordance with Regulation 216/2015 of the Ministry of the Environment.

Builder's checklist when applying for a building permit

Detailed preparation and planning of the construction project will guarantee a smooth permit processing process.

1. Selecting a head designer

Head designers are responsible for the entirety and quality of construction planning. Head designers act as the builder's trustee right from the start of the project. Head designers determine the framework conditions for the construction project based on city planning regulations and the municipality's building ordinance, applying these to the specific geographical conditions. A head designer may also act as the construction designer for a project. Even in the case of prefabricated houses, there must be a head designer. The expertise of head designers comes in handy when comparing different types of prefabricated houses, for example.

2. Planning and initial information

  • Permit applicants and head designers must inform themselves of the cables and encumbrances on the building site.
  • You may purchase a vector map (DWG) to use as a basis for drawing up a city plan, for example. Maps can be ordered from Uusikaupunki's map service.
  • Ownership and possession rights reports (if tenure over the land is not yet visible in the register due to a change in ownership or new lease agreements)

3. Presentation of drafts to construction supervision (head designer)

Head designers are to schedule a presentation meeting with construction supervision. At the presentation, construction supervision will assess the relevant sketches and documents for the construction project. It is worth presenting the construction plan to a construction inspector already in the drafting stage. This way you will know which type of permit you will need for the construction project, as well as find out about possible deficiencies and repair needs, the constructability of the building site and the necessary conditions for construction in good time and be able to avoid having to correct finished work.

4. Drawing up of final documents

  • Main drawings
    Layout, floor, sectional and façade drawings
  • Neighbour consultations
  • Other project-specific documents

5. Filling in a permit application form (electronically at Lupapiste)

You may apply for a building permit and submit all the necessary documents electronically at Lupapiste.

6. General supervisor(s), at the latest before the start of the construction work

All construction projects must have a general supervisor who oversees the construction work and takes responsibility for its completion. The general supervisor or supervisors must be approved by construction supervision at the latest before the start of construction work. The approval takes place through Lupapiste. Please find more information on the eligibility and approval of supervisors and specialised supervisors in the Topten construction practices.

Instructions and attachments

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