Kasarminlahti nature trail

Ulkoilu ja retkeily
Kasarminlahden alueen ilmakuva. Etualalla eteläranta.
Opening hours
Open year-round. In the winter, weather permitting, there is also a cross-country skiing track leading to the lean-to shelter.
Rules, instructions and safety
The route, located less than two kilometers from the city center, is easily accessible for city residents by walking or cycling. There are several starting points along the route. The marked route begins from the Sports Field parking area at Etelälinjakatu 2, and the starting point for the accessible section is at Kasarminlahdentie 8.
The trail includes accessible nature trail 1,1 km

The Kasarminlahti route covers several kilometers of trails through varied landscapes. You can extend the length of the route by connecting Sorvakko and Lasamäki fitness trails to it. Along the route, you'll also come across pleasant spots for berry and mushroom picking.

Kasarminlahden laavun reittkartta