Paula Kesäläinen seisoo keltaisen puutalon edessä ja katsoo päättäväisesti kohti.

25.8.2023 11:59

The city invests in housing counseling

The city has strengthened its housing counseling with another customer service representative. By investing in housing counseling, the aim is to prevent and reduce homelessness, among other things. The funding for housing counseling is mainly provided by the Housing Finance and Development Center of Finland (ARA).

Paula Kesäläinen, who joined the team as a housing counselor in August, urges residents to reach out proactively if they face any housing-related challenges. These issues might encompass financial struggles, eviction threats, housing disturbances, maintenance needs, or even disputes with neighbors. The counseling team also offers guidance and support for those in search of housing.

Housing counseling services are available at no cost and cater to all Uusikaupunki residents experiencing housing dilemmas.

For assistance, residents can reach the housing counselor via phone or email. Drop-ins are welcome at the Hakametsä housing association premises, located at Tammitie 1, every Wednesday between 12:00 to 14:00.