Maps and location information

The City produces and maintains a large-scale map, a so-called basemap, of the town plan including the centre of Uusikaupunki and the central areas of Kalanti, Lokalahti and Pyhämaa for the needs of planning and construction. The City also maintains a 1:5000-scale map of the entire municipality that can be attached to various official permits, etc. In addition, every few years, aerial photographs are taken of the entire Uusikaupunki area, the latest of which is from 2014. 

Map service and Instructions | Instructions are available only in Finnish

Services on the map

The online map service of Uusikaupunki offers real-time maps and plans of municipalities, as well as the latest aerial photographs. You can also find real-time addresses, service locations and, for example, sports facilities, playgrounds, beaches, school district areas, private roads and webcams, and much more. 

In addition, you can submit feedback through the map service and use it on a mobile device to combine it with the GPS function. 


Uusikaupunki's urban planning holds the copyright to the maps and spatial data it produces. You must obtain a publication license for using these materials in any printed products or online. Publication licenses are subject to a fee. The price of the publication of a map depends on, for example, the scale and size of the map, its information content and number of editions. The publication license fee is implemented as a one-time payment. 

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