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The City is responsible for drawing up and maintaining a large-scale map, i.e., a so-called base map of the city plan area covering the centre of Uusikaupunki, the centre of Kalanti, Lokalahti and Pyhämaa, for planning and construction purposes. 

The 1:500-1:2000 scale base map is used as the basis for construction planning and municipal engineering planning. Objects depicted on the map include properties, borders, buildings, traffic routes, land and water areas, altitude data and nomenclature. 

In addition, there is also a 1:5000 scale map for the entire municipality, which may be included, for example, as an attachment to various official permits. 

Maps can be disclosed both in traditional paper form, or, on a case-by-case basis, in the most common file formats (for example tiff, pdf, dwg) for digital use. 

The City uses ETRS-GK22 -based plane coordinates and the N2000 vertical coordinate reference system in its maps. 

Available for purchase 

  • You may purchase a vector map (DWG) to use as a basis for drawing up a city plan, for example 
  • Ownership and possession rights reports (if tenure over a plot is not yet visible in the register due to a change in ownership or new lease agreements) 

DWG files

Aerial photos


Orthoimagery refers to aerial images that depict the earth's surface perpendicularly as seen from the air, where any errors caused by the terrain have been corrected using calculative methods. Orthoimagery helps illustrate the presentation of different objects, for example, when combined with master plans or municipal engineering plans, as well as boundary maps and current plans. 
The City aims to carry out aerial photography every few years.

Oblique aerial photos 

The City has also taken oblique aerial photos. If necessary, photos of specific locations may be purchased in better quality, the price of which depends on the image’s resolution. 
Aerial photos of Uusikaupunki can be viewed online in Uusikaupunki's internet map service. The oldest aerial photographs of the central area of Uusikaupunki included in the online service are from 1967. (Please select ‘Aerial photos’ from the ‘information displayed on map’ -menu) 

Map service


Uusikaupunki's urban planning holds the copyright to the maps and spatial data it produces. You must obtain a publication license for using these materials in any printed products or online. Publication licenses are subject to a fee. The price of the publication of a map depends on, for example, the scale and size of the map, its information content and number of editions. The publication license fee is implemented as a one-time payment.