Maintenance and clearance obligations

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The maintenance and sanitation obligations of the municipality and property-owners regarding streets designated to public use are regulated by the rules on the maintenance and sanitation of streets and certain public areas. 


Obligations of property owners and holders 

  • removal of dirt, leaves, garbage, weeds and loose objects accumulated in the carriageways, light traffic channels and sidewalks falling between the boundary of their property and the centre line of the street area 
  • keeping any green lanes and ditches extending to a distance of 3 meters or less from the boundary of the property clear 

Duties of the municipality 

  • keeping plantations, platforms, guardrails, traffic signs, equipment, etc., clean. 

Maintenance in the winter 

Obligations of property owners and holders 

  • removing snow and ice from the sidewalks next to the property 
  • sanding the pavement if necessary to make it less slippery or otherwise eliminating slipperiness 
  • if necessary, transporting snowbanks that have accumulated on a sidewalk or next to it away 
  • removing sand from the pavement 
  • keeping the gutters, rain gutters and stormwater inlets next to the sidewalk free of snow, ice and debris 

Duties of the municipality 

  • ploughing, sanding and removing sand from carriageways, cycle paths and combined pedestrian and cycle paths in the spring 

Structural maintenance 

Obligations of property owners and holders 

  • Reporting broken pavements, holes in the ground and other similar problems that may endanger traffic to the municipality or the police 
  • if necessary, taking temporary measures to warn the traffic 

Duties of the municipality 

  • repairing carriageways and sidewalks and maintaining pavements 
  • maintenance of plantations, platforms, guardrails, traffic signs, equipment, etc. 
  • keeping gravel streets level and binding dust 

Street works 

The City must be notified in advance of all street works and works carried out in other public areas, for example, different types of digging activities.