Inspections, audits and measuring services

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Construction supervision is an administrative activity. Its role is to ensure that good construction practices are followed, that the built environment is healthy, safe and sustainable, and that changes to the cityscape strengthen Uusikaupunki's unique features and status as one of Finland's most pleasant cities. Construction supervision combines know-how related to construction, urban culture and building legislation.

The general supervisor orders an inspection as defined in the permit conditions

The general supervisor is responsible for checking which inspections are required under the permit decision to be performed on your construction project.

  • Before ordering any inspections, all previous inspections regarding the project that have been specified in the construction or operating permit must be completed and any deficiencies corrected.
  • The person undertaking the construction project or their representative and the general supervisor must be present at the inspection.
  • Official permit drawings, plans drawn up by special designers (structural images, water and drainage images and/or special plans) must be displayed at the construction site.
  • The documents required under the building permit must have been submitted at Lupapiste before ordering the final inspection.

Habitual inspections

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Marking of the site
  • Site review
  • Structural inspection
  • Inspection of water equipment
  • Inspection of ventilation equipment
  • Inspection of fire stopping equipment
  • Commissioning inspection
  • Final inspection

Implementation of inspection

Building inspectors will carry out the necessary inspections at prearranged times. The general supervisor will order the inspections about a week before the preferred date. Transportation to island destinations is organised by the client.

Kick-off meeting

  • Notices of initiation are to be submitted at
  • A kick-off meeting can only be held after a permit has become non-appealable and the site and floor height of the building have been marked.

Construction site markings and site reviews

  • Please state the permit number of the project when submitting an inspection request.
  • Inspection reports are available at
  • You can also  call to inspectors on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m to order site markings or site review.

Measurement services

With the help of measurement services, you can ensure that planning and construction are based on the correct location information. Uusikaupunki's urban planning carried out surveying and site markings for the City, including:

  • marking building sites and elevation
  • site reviews
  • marking plot boundaries when putting up a fence, for example

It is important that planning and construction are based on detailed and correct site information.

Ordering measurement services