Youth work in schools

The youth services cooperate with schools in Uusikaupunki. The work focuses on young school children and students in lower and upper secondary education.  

Lower secondary schools 

We work closely with both of the lower secondary schools. Every autumn, the youth services, in cooperation with the parish, organise a grouping day at the Uusikaupunki Comprehensive School for new seventh-graders and at Kalanti School for 7th–9th-graders. The aim of the day is to build a class spirit right at the start of the school year. If necessary, school classes can ask the youth services for a day of further grouping for the class. Utilisation of the early intervention model is available to secondary schools, and youth services are also involved in planning substance abuse prevention for children in lower secondary school. 

Recess activities are also organised with the lower secondary schools, where the youth workers are present in the everyday life of the schools and organise curated activities for long recesses. In addition, the youth services participate in the communal pupil welfare group of both lower secondary schools, which also plans various things to support well-being for school life during the year. 

During the spring of 2023 and 2024, a school youth worker will work with the lower secondary school children of Uusikaupunki Comprehensive School and Kalanti School on the schools’ premises and will be present in the school life of the young people, meeting with them. School children can talk to the school youth workers about their worries, concerns and, of course, the good things. Youth worker Snapchat: @kouluiida 

The outreach youth workers visit the classes to meet all the ninth-graders finishing their comprehensive education to tell about the outreach youth work service. 

Upper secondary education institutions 

We work in close cooperation with Uusikaupunki Upper Secondary School and Uusikaupunki Vocational School Novida, and the cooperation takes many forms. The youth services participate, for example, in the grouping week at the start of the school year and in various theme days that take place during the year. The outreach youth workers are present at several network meetings in upper secondary education. The outreach youth workers visit the upper secondary school and Novida once a week for the longer break during lunch hour. Together with the outreach youth workers, young people can talk about their studies, plans for the future and their life choices and get support even for difficult problems! During recesses, the outreach youth workers often carry out various competitions or quizzes or discuss topical themes. The outreach youth workers are there to provide help and support for you exactly where you need it.