Uusikaupunki collection

Kuvassa on vanha kirjastotalo mustavalkoisessa valokuvassa.

The library’s local collection mainly consists two collections: Winter-collection and Uusikaupunki-collection. On this page you can also find information about local newspapers available in the library's collections, as well as local materials that you can view at home online.


Uusikaupunki-collection is based on the separate Winter-collection. It was donated to the library by FM Helmer Winter in the 1960s. It contains approximately 300 works related to Uusikaupunki and the Vakka-Suomi region. The collection forms the basis for the growing Uusikaupunki-collection.

The Winter-collection includes many rare treasures, copies of which are available for reading in the library. These include:

  • The Uusikaupunki Peace Treaty, printed in Stockholm in 1721, text in both Swedish and German
  • A poem honouring peace in Uusikaupunki
  • Accounts of peace negotiations between Sweden and Russia, as well as a historical and geographical description of Finland, Ingria and Livonia. Printed in Nuremberg 1722
  • German manuscript, eyewitness account: Saapuvilla olleen Hans von Hastelsdorfin kertomus muistossa kunnianarvoisan Ruotsin kuninkaan Kustaa II Adolfin kuolemasta.


Uusikaupunki-collection contains material related to Uusikaupunki, the local population, education, economy, companies, nature, culture, and history. The collection also includes works of fiction by authors from Uusikaupunki. The collection can be accessed at the library by anyone interested in the history of Uusikaupunki.

During the renovation of the main library, the local collection may be accessed at Kalanti library. Material from the local collection may not be taken out of the library.