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In Uusikaupunki Swimming Hall, you can feel the joy of exercise, the feeling of well-being and the mood of doing things together.

Uusikaupunki's Swimming Hall is not only an oasis for water sports. Under the same roof, in addition to the pool area, you can also find a cafe, gym, judo hall, meeting room and beautician services.

You can seek additional information and tips for self-motivated exercise from exercise counseling.

You can reach the entire staff of the youth and sports services in the swimming hall premises, so you can conveniently get information about current youth services and about what the local sports services offer.

Other services in the Swimming Hall


  • There are two accessible parking spaces next to the main entrance.
  • The main entrance is accessible.
  • Inside the main entrance, there are two walker-rollators available for customers. The rollators can be used everywhere in the swimming hall.
  • There is a shower wheelchair and shower chair in the cafeteria that can be brought to a requested location.
  • There is a separate changing room near the lockers with handrails. There is also another accessible changing room at the swimming hall.
  • The saunas are big enough for wheelchairs.
  • The children’s and lap pool can be accessed via stairs with handrails.
  • All pools can be accessed using a pool lift, which is operated by the personnel.
  • There are two accessible toilets in the cafeteria at the swimming pool entrance, one in the accessible changing room and one in the pool area.

Pool information

25 meter pool

  • Length: 25 m
  • 6 lanes
  • Depth: 1,2 m - 2 m
  • Temperature: 26,5 °C

Diving pool

  • Depth: 4 m
  • Jumps: 1-m and 3-m diving boards, 5-m diving platform
  • Slide, length 52 m
  • Temperature: 26,5 °C

Children's pool

  • Depth: 60 - 90 cm
  • Temperature: 29,5 °C (32-34 °C baby swimming)

Paddling pool

  • Depth: approx. 10 cm
  • Temperature: 29,5 °C (32-34 °C baby swimming)