Soil excavation permits

Extracting soil materials for other than domestic use requires a permit under the Act on Soil Excavation. The municipality's environmental protection authority shall take a decision on the granting of permits and it also supervises the extraction of soil within the municipality. The consideration of permits is partly based on the environmental conditions stated in Section 3 of the Act on Soil Excavation. The conditions of authorisation take into account the protection of the land and bedrock formations, special natural occurrences and the beauty of the landscape, as well as the protection of groundwater. Such projects commonly also need an environmental permit, which assesses the harm caused to the environment and determines how it can be reduced. 
Extracting gravel and rock always affects the landscape. Soil extraction must be planned and organised in such a way that one can ensure the protection of the landscape and nature's values. The harmful effects of extraction can be reduced by implementing recovery practices in the extraction areas, including decontaminating and moulding the area as well as adapting it to its future purpose of use. 

The Uusikaupunki Environment and Licensing Board acts as the licensing authority under the Act on Soil Excavation. Soil-extraction permits are prepared by the environmental protection manager or the environmental secretary, who also take the role of supervisory authority in accordance with the Act on Soil Excavation.