The City's service structure is divided into four service centres, which are divided into different service areas and units.

Administrative and Vitality Services

  • administrative, financial and ICT services
  • personnel services
  • economic development and employment services
  • urban planning

Administrative and vitality services are managed by Mayor Atso Vainio.

Technical and Environmental Services

  • construction supervision and environmental protection
  • technical infrastructure
  • farm operations

Technical and environmental services are managed by Technical Director Jari Nikkari.

Growth and Learning Services

  • pre-school education
  • basic education
  • sixth form

Growth and learning services are managed by Director of Education Arja Kitola.

Welfare and Leisure Services

  • welfare and leisure services (culture, library, museum, youth, sports, adult education centre, music school)

Welfare and leisure services are managed by Welfare Director Jan Vuorenlaakso.