Purchase invoices

The material contains all the invoice item details related to the purchasing of services, materials, supplies, goods and other items in all the service areas of the City of Uusikaupunki. The information has been compiled from the city's accounting system, with additional information, including supplier business IDs and nominal data descriptive of the organisational hierarchy, for the information to be as useful as possible for users. The euro sums shown on the report do not include VAT.

Due to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, purchase invoice information does not include payments made to individuals and freelance entrepreneurs when the supplier information includes a person's name or business name containing the name of a natural person.

The material contains the following information: buyer (City of Uusikaupunki), name of service centre, name of service area, supplier's name, supplier's business ID, recording day, voucher number, account group number and name, account number and name according to the list of accounts conferred by the decree, and the amount without value added tax. The information enables the viewing of purchase invoice information, for example, by supplier, account, account group or service area of ​​interest.

The information is updated once a year after the drawing up of financial statements.

For more detailed purchase invoice information, please file a request for information to the City of Uusikaupunki Registry Office (kirjaamo@uusikaupunki.fi)

The files are only available in Finnish.