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The public transportation in Uusikaupunki is being renovated

Uusikaupunki has recently reevaluated and redesigned its public transportation routes. The new routes and schedules came into effect on August 10, 2023. The aim of the overhaul is to provide higher-quality public transportation throughout the entire municipality while maintaining the same costs. With this reform, all bus routes within the city are equally accessible to residents, using a single clear ticket.

The new public transportation network consists of 13 lines, each with a distinct line number, and includes an on-demand transport service for central area commuting. Minor adjustments to schedules and routes are possible. Passengers can conveniently check the updated routes and schedules through the online platform. The introduction of the central area on-demand transport service will take place later in the fall of 2023.

Schedules and Routes 

Local Public Transportation in Uusikaupunki 
The internal routes of Uusikaupunki are available in the timetable guide (Winter 23-24).


Public transportation within Uusikaupunki 

Single ticket 

  • 3 euros (youth and adults) 
  • 1.5 euros (children aged 4-11) 

The single ticket can be purchased from the driver with either cash or a bank card.

Season ticket 

  • 55 euros (valid for 30 days from the date of purchase) 

You can use the season ticket with the convenient Seutu+ Mobile App or the traditional Seutu+ Travel Card.

Regional transport routes

Seutu+ routes run from Uusikaupunki to nearby municipalities. You can also buy seasonal tickets for Seutu+ routes. In Uusikaupunki, tickets are sold at Service point Passari.

  • To Turku (Line 120) 
  • To Pyhäranta and Rauma (Line 220) 
  • To Laitila (Line 130) 
  • To Taivassalo (Line 620)

Regional prices 

Regional transportation prices are based on the journey taken or, for season and multiple-ride tickets, on zones. These routes can be used within the boundaries of Uusikaupunki with payment methods for internal transportation, by purchasing a single ticket or an internal season ticket.

Sakunkulma on-demand taxi 

The Sakunkulma on-demand taxi is a service aimed at people over 65 years of age maintained by Varha, The wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland. You can read more about the on-demand taxi service in home care support services.

Service points

Bus station

Uusikaupunki’s bus station is located in the centre of town at Rauhankatu, on the edge of the market square.

Passari | Travel cards and school transport subsidy

It is possible to buy and recharge Seutu+ travel cards at the service point Passari 

Students entitled to a school transport subsidy may submit their Kela purchase certificates filled out by their educational institution at Passari. Travel cards can also be charged at Passari once the subsidy has been granted.