As an alternative to municipal early childhood education, there are also two private service voucher daycare centres in Uusikaupunki. Private daycare complies with the Early Childhood Education Act and the principles of the early child education plan, just like municipal daycare. Private daycare centres also follow the service voucher rulebook approved by the Education Committee. 

Private daycare is a reliable option, as the operations of private centres are supervised and directed by the municipality; they are also required to follow the same rules on group size and eligibility regulations as municipal daycare centres. One can apply for a private service voucher daycare centre by contacting the care facility directly. The child’s guardians then make an agreement with the service provider on the details of how the daycare will be carried out. Fees shall be determined by the provider of the daycare, i.e., the daycare centre. 

Service voucher daycare centres

Daycare centre Tilkkutäkki 
Vuorikatu 13, 23500 Uusikaupunki 
tel. 02 844 3353, 0440 844 335 
The centre has 30 full-time places for children of the ages 2 to 6. 

Päiväkoti Tiitiäinen 
Sateenkaarikoto ry 
Välskärintie 5, 23500 Uusikaupunki 
tel. 040 867 9322 
The centre has 79 full-time places for children of the ages 1 to 6. 

Service vouchers

Service vouchers are issued by the municipality and they are tied to family income. The value of a service voucher can be a maximum of €900/month in full-time daycare for children aged 3-6. For children under the age of three and children in part-time daycare, the maximum value is determined according to a few different factors. The value is determined according to the maximum value and calculated municipal client fee (age of child, family size, gross income and service need). Families cannot receive a private care or home care supplement if they have already received a service voucher. 

Service voucher applications with the necessary attachments must be submitted to Uusikaupunki early childhood service case management (Uusikaupunki City, early childhood education, Mörnenkatu 2, 23500 Uusikaupunki). Depending on the daycare centre, the price of private early childhood education is either the same or at most 30 euros/month more expensive than municipal daycare. Families will receive a written decision on the value of their service voucher. Decisions on service vouchers correspond to early childhood education director Annina Kiiveri, while office secretary Tuula Damberg is responsible for preparing the decisions and arranging payments. 

Service voucher vales are revised annually. Families are asked to provide their income information for determining the value of the voucher. However, families must inform the City on their own initiative if 

  • the family’s income changes by +/- 10%, due to unemployment or going back to work
  • the family composition, for example the number of family members changes
  • the child's custodianship and/or address change
  • the child's service needs change
  • the child no longer needs daycare 
  • lapsen varhaiskasvatus päättyy