Wahlberg’s House

Wahlbergin museotalon yläkerrasta

Ylinenkatu 11
23500 Uusikaupunki

In the 19th century, the most impressive houses in Uusikaupunki belonged to shipowners. Wahlberg's House is an excellent example of this. Uusikaupunki sailing ships were used to transport merchandise across the world and they brought back not only wealth but also new influences. These elements have been combined in an interesting way in Wahlberg’s House. The museum presents not only the grandeur of a bourgeois home during the golden age of the maritime town, but also gives visitors a chance to explore local maritime history.

Wahlberg’s House was built by Fredrik Wahlberg, the founder of the Uusikaupunki tobacco factory. The crystal chandelier he brought from Italy still hangs from the living room ceiling. The decorative tiled stoves and elaborate ceiling paintings in the different rooms originate from the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the ovens and ceiling paintings, as well as the hand-painted wallpaper in the salon, go as far back as 150 years ago. When wandering through the ground floor rooms of Wahlberg's House, you can almost detect the smell of pipe tobacco and hear the rustle of silk skirts.

On the top floor of the museum, you can learn about local maritime history presented in an atmospheric way. The sailing industry was a source of employment to Uusikaupunki residents for several centuries. Items such as sailor's chests, souvenirs, ship charts and captains' navigation equipment tell interesting stories about the local maritime history. You can also find information about newer shipbuilding and shipyard activities displayed on the top floor of the museum.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum also regularly houses temporary exhibitions.

Entrance fees

5 €/adults

Under 18-year-olds free of charge

Payment methods: Museum card, cash or debit/credit cards, Smartum culture voucher, SmartumPay, Edenred mobile, card and voucher payment and ePassi.

You can buy a museum card at Wahlberg’s House, which entitles you to enter more than 300 museums during one year.  The price of the card is €79.


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