Hiunjärvi lean-to

Ulkoilu ja retkeily
Hiun laavu

Santtiontie 17
23500 Uusikaupunki

Rules, instructions and safety


Technical data and equipment

The area includes a campfire  and outdoor toilet.

The Hiunjärvi bivouacs is located north of the city centre close Hiunjärvi lake. Hiunjärvi lake is a regionally significant bird lake which is why there is also a bird tower next to it. There is also a nature trail in the area.

The longest route on the nature trail is about 3.8 km and it starts at the underpass next to Saarnisto school. From Juolukkatie it is a bit shorter, about 3.6 km. The shortest route to the bird tower and laavu and back is about 2 km starting at the underpass and about 1.6 km from Juolukkatie.