Outreach Youth Work

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Outreach youth work is aimed at under 29-year-old young adults. With an outreach youth worker, you can talk about your life situation, make plans for the future and discuss any services that you might need. Outreach youth workers help young people take small steps towards mutually determined goals. The goals are determined by the young person’s dreams and desires. 

Outreach youth work is right for you if:

  • You’ve dropped out of your studies
  • You are looking for work experience, employment or a study place
  • You need a place to live
  • You’ve dropped out of the army or civil service and are wondering what to do next.
  • You need help with everyday tasks
  • You need support in your life or in planning your future
  • You are struggling to survive on your income
  • You need support with hobbies or friendships
  • You just need someone to talk to

Outreach youth workers may also be contacted by a young person's guardian or other members in their support network if they feel that the young person needs help coping with their everyday life or future plans. Outreach youth work is voluntary and free of charge for young people. You can get support just where you need it! Appointments can be arranged where it best suits you.

You can contact outreach youth workers by telephone, email, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, or via the outreach website: Outreach - Front page (yhteysetsivaan.fi)

Forms of Outreach Youth Work

Outreach youth work includes guidance on services, individual guidance, network cooperation, home visits and supporting young people in different areas of their lives. Outreach youth workers meet with young people and help them map their life situation and future expectations. Then, they discuss the best forms of support and services the young person may need. Outreach youth work offers support to young people for as long as they need it. The aim of outreach youth work is to work together with young people and help them in their interactions with public authorities. This includes cooperating with service providers in the area. You can arrange an appointment with an outreach youth worker by contacting the outreach service.