Notification procedure for non-recurring activities

Certain one-off activities causing environmental damage must be reported to the municipality's environmental protection authority or the Centre for Economic Development (ELY Centre). As a result, either a statement will be issued or a decision made on the report. 

Matters to be reported to the municipal environmental protection authority include: 

  • temporary noise and vibration (at least 30 days before the procedure or event) 
  • experimental operations (at least 30 days before the start of operations) 
  • exceptional situations 
  • manure storage in open pits 

Matters to be reported to the ELY centre: 

  • decontamination of contaminated soil 
  • reporting activities using volatile organic solvents to the environmental protection information system 
  • utilisation of waste in land construction 
  • dredging reports 
  • drainage reports 

In addition, the ELY centre must be notified of any noise and vibration, exceptional situations and experimental activities affecting the area of more than one municipality.