Myllymäki daycare centre

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Our goal is to offer versatile early childhood education. Every child has the right to have a happy and balanced childhood as well as to be heard and understood. 

Myllymäki daycare centre is located in the centre of Uusikaupunki, on the edge of Myllymäki park. Myllymäki offers many opportunities for play, exercise, exploring nature, new experiences and organising events. The central location of Myllymäki daycare centre makes it easy to visit the library, ice rink, swimming pool, judo hall and museum. 


There are three groups in Myllymäki consisting of 1-6-year-old children, in both early childhood and preschool education. All groups are intended for children who need round-the-clock care.

Shift daycare

Myllymäki daycare centre is a round-the-clock care facility. We offer round-the-clock care for families who need it because of work. When a child’s need for care becomes habitual, they are assigned a new daycare place in another unit. 

Evening, weekend and round-the-clock daycare is intended for children who need it due to, for example, both of their parents working shifts or studying in the evenings. Shift care is also offered to first-grade students in basic education. 

The goal of daycare is to offer children versatile daycare opportunities and teaching. Emphasis is placed on creating an atmosphere of basic security. 

Myllymäen päiväkoti ulkoa kuvattuna.