Kalanti school is a two-tier comprehensive school, located next to the Kalanti church in a rural setting. For the time being, the school is spread out into two units. Currently, primary education is organised in huts that were set up next to the secondary school in February 2022. Meanwhile, secondary education is organised in temporary facilities at Männäinen school. It is estimated that the renovation of the secondary school building will be completed by the end of the year. The school offers two preparatory education classes. 

Our strength is our deep knowledge of the student experience. Our goal is to create a school with a pleasant atmosphere, where both the students and personnel feel comfortable working and learning. There are two active student councils in the school, one in the secondary and one in the primary school. The task of the student councils is to involve students in the school's activities and to help organise theme days, for example. All students have the opportunity to express their wishes and concerns regarding the school's activities through the student councils. School wellbeing at Kalanti school is supported by the multidisciplinary working group Hyvis. 

We want to encourage our students to move, which is why all recesses take place outside. The school yard has been renovated in the recent years, and now students have even better opportunities to play and do exercise. The school yard also serves as an exercise area for local residents. The parents' association Männä is active in donating sports equipment to the school, encouraging an active school life.  The primary school student council participated in the designing of the yard by means of its members sharing their thoughts on what they enjoyed doing during recess.  

School in numbers

Grades: 1 - 9
Students in academic year 2022 - 2023: about 340
Teaching groups: 23
Teachers: 28

Grades 1-6 study in the Hallitie 3 huts and 
grades 7-9 study at Astalankuja 4 (Männäinen school).