Hakametsä school

Hakametsän koulun piha

Hakametsä school is located in the Hakametsä residential area in Uusikaupunki. Multiculturalism is an essential part of the school's everyday life, where diversity is considered an enriching factor. About one in five pupils in Hakametsä school studies Finnish as a second language. 

The school system places emphasis on the safety of the school community, community spirit, solidarity and physical activity. A close distance away from the school you will find the Ruokolanjärvi and Käätyjärvi lakes, a forest, a nature path and a sports arena. In other words, the school is located in a beautiful and healthy environment that encourages exercise and learning.

The centre of Uusikaupunki with all its services is also located nearby, so it is easy to organise regular school visits to the town on foot or by bike. The ‘välkyt’ group sometimes organises guided recess activities at Hakametsä school. The school yard is modern and comfortable. 

The school's motto:
Joyfully together, while valuing diversity. 

School in numbers

Grades: 1 - 9
Students in the academic year 2022 - 2023: 140
Teaching groups: 11
Teachers: 12
Tutors: 3