Growth and Learning Support

Support for growth and learning is a standard part of daycare and preschool education and it is provided to all children who need it. The aim is to identify any support needs children may have during daycare and preschool education in order to arrange the appropriate support. Support measures take into account children's strengths and needs related to learning and development. Timely and appropriate support mechanisms can improve a child's development, learning and well-being. Support is primarily provided through various flexible arrangements in the child's own daycare or family daycare group. 

Daycare and preschool education in Uusikaupunki uses a three-tiered model of support for growth and learning, including general, enhanced and specialised support. A child can receive only one level of support at once. In addition, in preschool education, children may receive some of the services regulated in the Student Welfare Act. 

Linguistically sensitive daycare and preschool education 

Taking into consideration the mother tongue and culture of children is important for their development. Children learn languages by interacting with adults and other children.  Finnish language learning is supported in accordance with the daycare plan, for example, through everyday interactions, small groups and by means of individual teaching. 

Special education in daycare and preschool education 

All daycare centres have a special early childhood education teacher. The special education teacher participates in the assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring of children's need for support. They also provide guidance to daycare and preschool personnel and support children’s guardians in matters related to their child's support needs. Special education teachers may also be consulted in family daycare.