Exercise counselling

You can contact an exercise counsellor if you need help starting exercise or finding an activity that suits you. You can also speak to an exercise counsellor remotely.

An exercise counsellor will provide you with free personal guidance and advice in matters related to exercise and health. They will also provide you with information about sports opportunities in Uusikaupunki, including activities organised by private individuals, clubs and the City.

The aim is to help locals engage in voluntary exercise and increase their activities by simple means. Exercise counsellors give advice on how to start exercising and support customers during the process.

Exercise counselling does not include rehabilitation services.

All residents of Uusikaupunki, from babies to adults, are welcome to seek advice from exercise counselling. The service is aimed at people who are not used to doing exercise and who are considering embracing physical activity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!