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Elderly Council is appointed by the City Board and operating under it.

The tasks

  • to monitor the city's decision-making and actions in various administrative fields from the perspective of the elderly and give statements on issues concering the elderly when requested. 
  • to make initiatives and presentations, the purpose of which is to improve the living environment, living conditions and hobby opportunities of the elderly, to increase the opportunities for participation and influence of the elderly, to influence the planning and implementation of the environment, to promote the survival of the elderly in various functions of society, such as housing, social and health services, social security, cultural and hobby activities et al., develop cooperation between the city administration and pensioner organizations, get to know the officials who work with the elderly, take care of information about matters concerning the elderly, take care of getting the premises of pensioner organizations for hobby and meeting activities.

Mode of operation

The Elderly Council carries out its tasks

  • by making regular visits to elderly care facilities and other places important to the elderly in the city area, keeping a record of their observations and, if necessary, taking initiatives for improvement and remedial measures to city officials, the social and health committee and other institutions.
  • By collecting and receiving observations, complaints and suggestions for improvement and initiatives regarding city services, the environment and living conditions of the elderly from the elderly and people that work with them, and further reporting them to the city officials in the form of concrete action proposals.

The Elderly Council arranges

  • Events, lectures, panels, etc.
  • The main party of Uusikaupunki's Senior Citizens' Week is organized during Senior Citizens' Week. The theme of the party follows the annual theme chosen by The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People.
  • The Pensioners' Parliament once a year. Representatives of pensioner organizations and clubs are invited to the event. In the parliament, current topics are discussed and representatives of the city's various administrative bodies are heard.
  • Once a year, we aim to organize a public meeting on current issues.


The Elderly Council meets at least 4 times a year, informally at other times if necessary. The Council for the Elderly publishes information about its meetings in local newspapers and on the city's website. Information can also be obtained from the meeting minutes sent to pensioners' organizations and clubs, as well as from the city's website.

At meetings

  • the council's own observations and the feedback received from the public will be reviewed, and the relevant measures will be decided upon
  • decide on the content and wording of the statements requested from the council x there is an agreement on how in which current issues concerning the elderly must be communicated at any given time
  • an action program for the near future will be agreed upon
  • a protocol is kept, which records the initiatives, presentations and statements made at the meeting, as well as the observations made at the places of visit and familiarization, identified needs for action and feedback received.


Chairperson Suoja-Sjöblom Markettamarketta.suoja-sjoblom@fimnet.fi
Vice-chairperson Pietilä Maurimauripietila57@gmail.com
Member Korpi Sirpakorpi.sirpa@gmail.com
Member Wahlbäck Seijaseijawah@gmail.com
Member Kassila Sinikkasinikas@elisanet.fi
City Board representative Johanna Jääskeläinen
Secretary, Teija Pajula, Immigration and Servive Coordinator, City of Uusikaupunki, teija.pajula@uusikaupunki.fi 040 584 1754