Daycare fees are based on the Act on Client Fees. Client fees are determined based on family size, service needs and the family’s gross income. By family we refer to those living in the same household and sharing finances. Children under the age of 18 are considered to belong to the family. 

Client fees are invoiced monthly for a maximum of eleven (11) calendar months during one year (August 1 - July 31). July is a free month on the condition that the child enrolled in daycare no later than in August of the previous year or earlier. Client fees are invoiced monthly in arrears. 

Client fees for daycare are reviewed annually. Client fees are also reviewed if any changes occur in family size, gross income (at least 10%) or the child's daycare period. Families are obliged to report any changes in the family's income or size without delay. If the fee has been based on incorrect information provided by the child's parents/guardians, it may be adjusted retroactively for a maximum of one year. Payments are also reviewed if there are any changes in the Act on Client Fees or other decisions regarding client payments. 

After the index increase relative to daycare fees that took effect on March 1, 2023, the highest possible full-time daycare fee is €295/month for the youngest child in the family, 40% (maximum €118/month) of the above fee for the second child and 20% (maximum €59/month) for all the other children in the family. The lowest possible client fee is €28/month. 

Service demand and client fees: 

Service need                  Percentage of full-time daycare fee 
max. 80 h/month              60 % 
max. 110 h/month            70 % 
max. 140 h/month            80 % 
over 140 h/month             100 %