Current exhibitions

The Uusikaupunki Museum organises temporary themed exhibitions. 

Exhibitions are organised most regularly at Wahlberg’s House. 

piirroskuva höyryveturi saapuu Uuteenkaupunkiin

The 100-year-old Uusikaupunki railway 

- Exhibition opens 10th of June 2024

The railway was decided to be extended from Turku to Uusikaupunki, and it was under construction for a long time, mainly due to a lack of funding. After the railway was finally completed in 1924, the city's heyday as a maritime town during the era of sailing ships was already a thing of the past.

Passenger traffic on the railway initially exceeded expectations, but over the decades, as other forms of transportation increased, it dwindled. Passenger traffic was discontinued in 1992. On the other hand, freight traffic on the railway became more important with the growth of industry, as the railway was extended in the 1960s to Hangonsaari for the fertilizer factory Rikkihappo Oy.

The exhibition tells the story of the hundred-year-old railway's planning and construction, trains and locomotives, and the impact of the railway on people's daily lives, other forms of transportation, trade, and industry.

In addition to the temporary exhibitions, the rest of the Wahlberg’s House museum also tells visitors of the past of Uusikaupunki. The permanent exhibition on the ground floor, the ‘bourgeois home’, shows how local merchant families lived in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while the permanent exhibition on the top floor provides information about the founding of Uusikaupunki and local maritime history. On the top floor, you can also find information about the Uusikaupunki peace treaty of 1721, the car industry, and you even get to admire the trainers that Junnu Lee, a national team basketball player from Uusikaupunki, wore at a World Cup tournament.