Cultivation plots and fields

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Cultivation plots for the 2024 season can be reserved as of February. 

The City of Uusikaupunki leases plots of land to gardening enthusiasts in the Salmi area along Kartanonkatu. 
There is a total of 34 available plots and the rent for one growing season is 11,77 €. 
In the spring, the City prepares the soil and separates the land into plots of one are each (10m x 10m) using wooden pegs. 
The plots are leased for one cultivation season at a time, meaning that reservations must be renewed every spring. 

  • The plots are rented to residents for hobby farming. 
  • Plots cannot be cultivated until they have been prepared and marked. 
  • Only legal annual plants may be grown on the plots. 
  • Plot renters are responsible for using their own fertilisers on their plots. 
  • Only fertilisers allowed in organic farming may be used on the plots. 
  • Plot renters are responsible for keeping the plots clean throughout the growing season. Items that are not used for cultivation may not be stored on the plots. 
  • Plot renters must remove all supplies from the area, such as watering cans, netting and sacks of manure, before the autumn ploughing. 


The City of Uusikaupunki leases out over 40 acres of arable land. 

The idea behind the leasing of fields is to make sure that they remain suitable for cultivation as well as fitting for the landscape and environment. Therefore, plot renters must make sure that they maintain the land in a cultivable condition, take care of drainage and weed the edges of their field. 

Usually, lease agreements are signed with farmers for 5 years at a time. Fields are leased for as long as the City does not need them for other purposes. When a field becomes available, it is leased out in a bidding contest. Bidding contests are announced on the City's website and the Facebook page of Urban Planning.