Council for the Disabled

Council for the Disabled is a cooperative group of disabled persons in the city, their relatives and disability organizations. The Council for the Disabled takes initiatives and statements on issues that may affect the lives and well-being of the disabled. The Council for the Disabled informs about the issues it has dealt with. The Council for the Disabled improves the opportunities for the disabled to participate, for example, in the handling of issues in the municipality.

In Uusikaupunki, there is a municipality-specific disability council.

The tasks

The Council for the Disabled monitors the development of services for disabled people in the municipality. The Council for the Disabled promotes the equal participation of disabled persons in education, work, housing, social services, health services, cultural activities and hobbies.


  • Secretary, Teija Pajula, Immigration and Servive Coordinator, City of Uusikaupunki, 040 584 1754
  • Chairperson, Taina Nuutila, 0400 702091,, Ugin Seudun Kehitysvam.Tuki ry
  • Vice chairperson, Marja Lehtinen, Vakka-Suomen Invalidit ry
  • Member, Riitta Salo, Vakka-Suomen Epilepsiayhdistys ry
  • Member, Taina Vuorio, Vakka-Suomen Hengitysyhdistys ry
  • Member, Taru Joutsa-Huutola, Welfare and Leisure services, City of Uusikaupunki
  • Member Henriikka Lohtaja, Urban planning, City of Uusikaupunki
  • City Board representative, Merja Koski

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