Uusikaupunki strives to be active and open in announcing its activities. Interaction with the citizens of Uusikaupunki is key. 

The City Board and the mayor are responsible for handling the council’s communications and announcements regarding the council's activities. The leading industry office holders are responsible for handling communications linked to their own industry and services. In 2021, a communications team consisting of 12 council employees was established to develop and enhance the council's communication. The members were drawn from different council units. 

The council's main communication channels include their website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn), bulletins, notices and news, brochures and resident events. 

Uusikaupunki website

Uusikaupunki on social media


The Uusikaupunki council’s social media channels, websites and profiles provide information about current topics. 

Facebook groups

The contents of Uusikaupunki's Facebook groups are shaped largely by users, as well as local residents, associations, and companies.


The Instagram accounts of Uusikaupunki provide information about everyday life and services in Uusikaupunki.

Other social media channels

Uusikaupunki also publishes content through channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube