City rental housing

Isännöinti Warma is responsible for recident selection and lease agreements in the housing units owned directly by the city. From the beginning of 2023, the responsibility will be transferred to Uudenkaupungin Vuokratalot Oy.

To apply for city rental housing, fill in the online application. 

Applications for housing are valid for 3 months.  The application can be renewed and updated using an online form. The applicants’ credit information is checked.

Attachments to the application

Any attachments to the application must be delivered to the Isännöinti Warma, at the stage when the applicant has accepted the offered housing. Attachments can also be sent by email. 

How is the recident selection made?

The most important criterion in resident selection is the applicant’s need for housing. Preferences for specific residential areas are taken into account in resident selection. The basic rule for resident selection is that the flat in question contains one room per resident, but exceptions are possible; for example one person can be placed in a 2-room flat, if there are no 2-person household applications.

A poor credit history is not necessarily an obstacle for housing if the defaults are minor or if it can be assumed based on the applicant’s credit history that the defaults are not recurrent. Housing will not be offered to people who have unpaid back rent.

Security deposit amounts

A rental security deposit must be made before the keys are handed over to the tenant.

  • 1 room + kitchen/kitchenette, 400 €
  • 2 rooms + kitchen/kitchenette, 500 €
  • 3 rooms + kitchen and bigger, 600 €

About city rental housing

The city of Uusikaupunki has 838 rental housing units and four large rental housing companies. With the companies, lease agreements are handled at the estate manager offices. Lease agreements for the housing units owned directly by the city are handled at the Isännöinti Warma. 

Termination of the lease

The lease can be terminated using the electronic form.