City Administration


The mayor of Uusikaupunki is M.B.A Atso Vainio (born 1965). Vainio was appointed mayor of Uusikaupunki on September 1, 2012.

The mayor's tasks include

  • managing and supervising the Council’s administration and finances
  • presenting matters to the City Council
  • managing and supervising the preparation of matters to be presented to the City Board
  • attending Council functions and representing the City, or assigning someone to carry out these tasks
  • attending meetings and negotiations, unless the City Board decides otherwise on specific occasions
  • acting as supervisor for designated office holders
  • acting as the Group's manager and providing active guidance to owners

The position of mayor’s secretary is held by administrative expert Jenni Teuri.

City Administration

The City administration team provides support to the mayor in strategic and operational management tasks and development work.