Remote working and distance learning

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Uusitakaupunki also has spaces that can be used for distance learning and remote working. Both spaces are currently free of charge.

Co-working and remote workspace MESSI

The MESSI workspace is located right next to the market square, at Koulukatu 7. Messi offers a great working space for the self-employed, remote workers and freelancers. The communal workspace provides many opportunities as a social and innovative work environment.

In addition to personal workstations, there are also meeting rooms, for example. There is also a limited amount of archiving facilities.

In the future, advisory and other support services for entrepreneurs and those planning entrepreneurship will be offered in this community space.

The workspace is open Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. At other times, you can access the space with an access card, which you can ask about by calling.

Access to the space is currently free of charge.

MESSI offers:

  • 11 electric work tables
  • wireless network
  • printing facilities 
  • phone room
  • kitchen facilities 
  • conference room for 8-10 people 
  • meeting room for 12 people

Ukipolis Oy and the City of Uusikaupunki are responsible for the practical implementation of the remote workspace.

Distance learning space Pointti

Pointti, a distance learning space organised through the collaboration of the City of Uusikaupunki, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Novida, offers Novida and sixth form students as well as entrepreneurs a great opportunity to participate in higher education in Uusikaupunki. 

The space offers modern and comfortable group working spaces free of charge for students who are studying preparatory studies for the university of applied sciences, as well as for university students who live in the Uusikaupunki area and who are enrolled in online or multi-format education. Companies and other actors in the area may also use the facilities for training as agreed.

Pointti offers:

  • a conference room for approx. 15 people
  • a group study room for approx. 10 people
  • there are no fixed computers
  • docking stations for personal laptops on desks
  • 65" flat screen TVs 
  • wireless network
  • printing facilities