Recreation room and band instruments

On the ground floor of Cultural Centre Cruselli there is a recreation room which includes band instruments and some space for visual arts. You can reserve the room free of charge.

Reserve the room by contacting us:

Kuva harrastetilasta, jossa on bändisoittimia.

Instruments and other equipment:

  • Drum set
  • Electric guitar and an amp
  • Electric bass guitar and an amp
  • Keyboards
  • Four vocal microphones
  • PA system (loudspeakers and mixer)
  • Option for connecting a phone, a computer or similar equipment to the PA system (3,5mm plug)
  • Ear plugs, plectrums

Visual arts equipment:


  • Coffeemaker
  • Microwave oven

You can bring your own equipment to the recreation room with your own responsibility as long as they don't disturb other users.