Plots and business premises

Are you looking for a plot of land or business premises?

With the help of our cooperation network, we are able to serve companies located in Uusikaupunki in a comprehensive manner.
We can help your company succeed - invest in us!

  • Our location on the coast is beneficial, as we have our very own port and transport connections to the world
  • Together with our cooperation network, we offer comprehensive, fast and effortless services for settling in, including business premises, plots of land, financing, training, logistics services and partnerships 
  • We also offer affordable housing and versatile services

We make settling in as easy as possible by offering customised comprehensive services! We maintain a register of offices available in the city area. There are industrial plots of various sizes available in the industrial areas of Pajala, Orivo and Sanno, for example.

Call or visit us and we will provide you with production or office premises that suit your needs!