Kaukjärvi beach

Kaukjärven sauna

Kaukjärvenranta 8
23600 Kalanti

Parking: There is a small parking area close to the sauna.

Driving instructions: At the Kalannintie (no. 43) and Vehmaantie (no. 1953) junction, take Vehmaantie and drive for about 7.8 km.

Description of the beach:

  • Lakeshore popular beach with rocky slopes and a small sandy section.
  • There is a swimming pier at the beach.
  • Water depth at the end of the pier is approximately 3 metres.
  • There is an outdoor toilet close to the beach and a public sauna with changing facilities right next to the beach.
  • Characteristics and quality of the lakefloor.
  • By the sandy beach area the water gets deep quickly.
  • The bottom of the lake is soft.
  • By the rocky area and around the pier the lake bottom is rocky and gets deep quickly.