Mover's checklist

1. Make a change of address notification

Make the notification no sooner than one month before moving and at the latest one week after moving at

2. Redirect your mail

Redirect your mail to your new address and inform any companies that send you invoices of your new address.

3. Terminate your rental agreement

If you are currently renting, terminate your previous rental agreement in good time before moving out.

4. Notify schools and day care

If you have children, notify both the old and new schools and day cares of your new address.

5. Get a van and people to help you move

Think about how many people it will take to move your things and contact friends and family in good time.

6. Transfer your internet connection

Contact your internet service provider to transfer your agreement. The local broadband provider is VSP Shop.

7. Make a new electricity contract

Notify your electrical company of your move both when moving in and when moving out. The local electrical company is Lännen Omavoima.

8. Make a waste management contract

If you are moving into a detached house, make a waste management contract for your new address. Waste management companies operating in Uusikaupunki are Jätehuolto Helistölä and Remeo.

9. Check your home insurance

Check that your home insurance policy is sufficient for your new home.