Uusikaupunki offers immigrants support and guidance in everyday life. The city’s goal is to promote the integration of new citizens to the Finnish society and to help them participate in different activities.

The Immigration Coordinator collaborates with various services, including social services, early childhood education, schools, youth services, the library, healthcare services, as well as with the church and various associations. The Employment Office, Kela, Finnish Immigration Service, and Medivida reception center are also key partners in this collaboration

The immigration coordinator offers support in adjusting to everyday life in Uusikaupunki. You can contact the immigration coordinator and receive help and support in multiple themes, for example:

  • everyday life activities
  • childrens’ daycare and school
  • housing and environment
  • health and social services
  • culture and sports
  • co-operation with other integration service providers
  • help with different Finnish authorities
  • advice on family reunifications

Immigrant Guidance and Counseling Services

Uusikaupunki is participating in the Immigrant Guidance and Counseling Development Project (MOPPI). The project is aimed at immigrants and new residents of the city. The project coordinator operates from the Ukipolis premises (Koulukatu 7).

The project coordinator provides advice and support on employment, the integration process, the education process, and interaction with municipalities and social services. Consultation is free of charge and is offered in Finnish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish. Services are available by appointment only.

Participation through NGO Activities

Several different organizations offer activities and assistance to immigrants. For example, the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL) is involved in immigrant integration. Many sports and cultural organizations also facilitate easy participation.