Education and Instruction Committee

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The tasks of the Uusikaupunki Education and Instruction Committee include the organisation and development of early childhood education, basic education, upper secondary education, other types of secondary education, and extracurricular activities. The committee handles a set of tasks outlined in the law on children’s day care, the law on allowances for children's home care and private care, the Basic Education Act, the Act on General Upper Secondary Education and the Act on Liberal Adult Education.


Youth Council representative Emil Haijanen, deputy representative  Maisa Kari
City Board representative: Seppo Nikula (, deputy representative Veli-Matti Virtanen (

Rapporteur: Educational Director Arja Kitola, p. 040 480 2089
Secretary: Administrative Secretary Marja-Leena Arvonen, p. 044 723 5231

Meetings 2023-2024

August 23, September 20, October 18, November 22, December 13

Janyary 31, February 28, March 27, April 24, May 22, June 12

Meetings normally start at 6 p.m.

Meeting invitations and agendas are published in the trustees' electronic online service at least three (3) days before each meeting, unless this is prevented by special circumstances. The committee secretary informs members, alternate members and others who have the right to participate in the meeting by e-mail of when the meeting agenda will be published in the trustees' online service.

The agendas and minutes corresponding to the meetings of the Education and Instruction Committee are published on the website of the City of Uusikaupunki. Media outlets are informed by e-mail when a meeting agenda becomes available online.

Minutes inspectors are selected separately at each meeting.

After the inspection, the minutes, together with any rectification requests or appeals, are made available for viewing on the municipality's website as specified in Section 140 of the Local Government Act.

In general terms, official decisions are kept available for viewing on the City's website during the appeal period.