Declarion of interests

Trustees and office holders of the municipality referred to in section 84, subsection 2 of the Local Government Act (410/2015) must make a declaration of interests regarding their management duties and positions of trust in businesses and other entities, their significant wealth and other commitments that may be relevant to the performance of their duties of trust and official duties.

This obligation applies to all members of the municipal government and the institution performing any tasks referred to in the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999), the chairperson and vice-chairpersons of the council and boards, the president of the municipality, mayor and deputy mayor, and the rapporteur of the municipal government and board.

Declarations of interests must be submitted to a board of auditors, which will check compliance with the notification obligation and deliver notifications to the City Council. If necessary, the board of auditors can call on the reporting party to create a new report or supplement an already submitted report.

The municipality must keep a register of interests in a public information network, unless otherwise dictated in regulations regarding confidentiality.

When a position of trust or a task covered by the reporting obligation ends, any information regarding the relevant person must be deleted from the register and the information network.

Any changes in affiliations must be reported without delay.

The affiliation register is maintained by the board of auditors of the City of Uusikaupunki, and Innofactor Oy Dynasty affiliation register is the provider of the registry service.