Culture and sport companions

Culture and sport companions are volunteer workers who can come along with you to different kinds of occasions for social support. You can ask companions to come with you if you need help with feelings of anxiety or shyness, or for other similar reasons – or for the simple reason that participating just by yourself doesn't feel natural to you. The volunteer work is organized by the Well-being and leisure services of Uusikaupunki.

The companions can take part in following activities (among others):

  • All kinds of free culture and exercise activities (e.g. going to the library, art galleries, free concerts and theatre shows, nature walks, etc.)
  • All activities that are organized by the Well-being and leisure services of Uusikaupunki regardless of their charge (e.g. going to the museum and swimming hall, all events at the cultural centre Cruselli, etc.)
  • Events and activities organized by cooperation partners of the companions (see the list of partners below)
  • If you have any other occations or activities in mind, please contact the coordinators! We will try to arrange the companions to as many activities as possible.

Reserving a culture and sport companion

You can reserve a companion by contacting any of the companions' coordinators, whose contact info you can find on this webpage. Tell them your name, your phone number and/or your email address, and the occasion where you'd like to attend with a companion.

The coordinator will arrange one of the companions to join you and will be in contact with you again. The coordinator will then also tell you the agreed-upon meeting place and time, and will also describe the companion so you that you can find each other.

Note that you need to buy your own ticket when attending a non-free event, but the city of Uusikaupunki will take care of the companions fees.

Culture and sport companions' coordinators - be in touch!

A drawn picture of a dog with a speech bubble that says: "Let's explore together!".
You can identify culture and sport companion activities by this logo. "Piski" by Outi Markkanen is the mascot of national culture companions network.

Cooperation partners of culture and sport companions

Do you organize events, courses, leisure activities or other cultural or sport services, and you'd like to partner with us? Contact our coordinators and let's arrange all the details!  Cooperation doesn't cause any expenses to you because we will compensate the attendance fees of the companions.

Become a companion

Do you need interesting and important activity for your spare tame? You can become a culture and sport companion very easily. The companions training takes 3 hours and the they are arranged 2-3 times a year. We can also arrange a separate training for three or more people on a short notice. Please contact our coordinators if you are interested!

As a companion you get to meet new people and you can attend to different kinds of culture and sport occasions without charge when you are with a client. Companions are expected to be responsible, open-minded and at least 16 years of age. Expertice towards culture or sports is not required and you can attend as your own self with your own abilities.

Being a companion is volunteering and going to the training or trying out being a companion does not bind you to long-term activity.