Art in the library

Kuvassa on taideteoksia galleriaan ripustettuna.


  • The library exhibition facilities can be booked free of charge for exhibitions that are compatible with the library’s activities.
  • The length of exhibitions may vary and such details are agreed on an individual basis
  • The library is not responsible for any damage to material presented in exhibitions
  • The exhibitor is responsible for all related expenses, hanging, advertising, press conferences, etc.
  • Exhibitions can be accessed during the library’s opening hours

Gallery Kirjava, the exhibition space at the Uusikaupunki Library  is available for small exhibitions. Gallery Kirjava will not be not available during the renovation of the main library of Uusikaupunki Main Library.

The Raimon Kammari exhibition room at Kalanti Library is available for larger exhibitions.

More information on the exhibition space and reservations from Kalanti Library. 

Gallery Raimon Kammari Exhibition Calendar 2023

  • January: Satu Puu
  • February: Brita Laine
  • March: Hanna Juusola
  • April: Maarit Ala-Uotila
  • May: Vakka-Suomi community college, handicraft exhibition
  • June: Maria Laiho
  • July: No exhibitions, self-service library
  • August: Marita Pettersson
  • September: Mirja Aalto
  • October: Rauno Parkkila
  • November: Sävysysterit
  • December: Juha Allan Ekholm