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Social services and health care

Services for children and families

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The City of Uusikaupunki provides a variety of services for families with children.
  • Family centres provide guidance in parenthood and in coping with family-related problems and conflicts.
  • Child welfare officers provide guidance in matters related to guardianship and visiting rights as well as verification of paternity.
  • Family mediation services provides help in the interaction between parents in divorce situations.
  • If you have concerns related to the wellbeing of a child, you can contact child welfare services.

Family centre

Our services are aimed at families living in Uusikaupunki who have children under the age of 17. Family counselling services are also provided for families living in Pyhäranta, Vehmaa, Taivassalo, and Kustavi. We provide support for families with children in all kinds of problems, big or small. A professional team with experts of various fields provides support for families. Services are provided at the family centre or at home, depending on the family’s needs. Families can contact the family centre directly, or they can be directed to the family centre by co-operation partners. Our services are strictly confidential, and customers can contact us with any issues.

No worry is too small!

You can contact us for example if
  • you are worried about a child’s development, behaviour, mood, or emotional development,
  • you feel that you need support in the challenges of parenthood,
  • you need help with the challenges of a reconstituted family,
  • you need help in solving conflicts in your family,
  • you need help with relationship issues,
  • you are considering divorce,
  • you need help in overcoming divorce or joint guardianship after divorce,
  • you need help with an unexpected life event (for example death, accident, or illness),
  • your family does not have a support network in town.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Child supervisor

Child supervisors are responsible for
  • services related to the verification of paternity for children of unmarried parents,
  • assisting parents in issues related to childcare, housing, visiting rights, and child support agreements as well as verifying the agreements.

Family mediation

Family mediation services provide support for families in coping independently as well as in matters related to family wellbeing and safety after a divorce. Particular attention is paid to children and agreeing on matters of the child’s wellbeing and guardianship. The mediator helps the parents in their interaction and guides the parents to focus their attention on the child instead of personal conflicts.

Child welfare

Children have the right to a safe and stimulating growth environment and a balanced development, as well as first right for special protection. The purpose of child welfare work is to ensure these rights by impacting general conditions of growth, by supporting parents in raising their children as well as by implementing child welfare work based on the specific needs of families and individuals.

Children, young people and families are, first and foremost, supported in ways that enable the child to grow and live at home. Child welfare work is conducted in co-operation with families and their support network as well as the authorities. Co-operation is conducted with for example the family’s day care centre, child health clinic, family workers, school, police, and youth workers.

Child welfare work is initiated when there are concerns about a child’s wellbeing, health, or development. Issues endangering a child’s wellbeing include for example negligence in the child’s care, parents’ substance abuse, mental health problems, or serious conflicts within the family. The child or young person can also endanger their own wellbeing for example through substance abuse, neglecting school work, or committing crimes.

Family centre
Contact and appointment booking
Mon-Fri 9-10, Tel. 050 455 7996

Visiting address:
Main health center, 1st floor
Terveystie 4, 23500 Uusikaupunki

Child Supervisor & Family Mediation
Anu Hukka
Tel. 050 420 5199

Child welfare
Contact and appointment booking Mon-Fri 9-12,
Tel. 050 420 5202
Call time for social workers on weekdays 9-10

visiting address:
Välskärintie 2 C, 23500 Uusikaupunki