Sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelut
Social services and health care

Services for the elderly

The aim of social work with the elderly is to provide the elderly with services promoting and supporting wellbeing as well as assessment for the need for timely and sufficient services at home or in institutional care.

All work is guided by the notion of ageing as a natural part of life. Work is based on the common values of social work for the elderly: customer-orientation, equality, and reliability.

Please contact us if you believe that you or your next of kin are in need to help in coping at home, health care, housing, or applying for social benefits. You can make an appointment to meet us or, if necessary, we can come and meet you at your home.

Elderly Work Office

Office Manager
Raija Yrttimaa
Tel. 050 420 5187

Service Secretary
Satu Telén
Tel. 050 420 5236

Elderly Work Instructor
Jaana Aitta
Tel. 044 088 2820 

Social Worker
Leena Keto
Tel. 040 621 3154

Elderly Work Director
Kirsi Routi-Pitkänen
Tel. 050 597 7588   

Visiting address:
Terveystie 4 (2nd floor), 23500 Uusikaupunki