Kasvatus ja opetus
Day care and education

Registration for pre-primary school education

Registration period for pre-primary education is 14.-18.2.2022.

Children must participate in pre-primary education for one year during the year preceding the beginning of compulsory school.
Those children born in 2016 will start preschool 10.8.2022. We ask for guardians to make sure to register your child for pre-primary education during registration period which is 14.-18.2.2022. We hope that you would primarily use the electronic application for pre-primary and early childhood education. Link for registration is in our website https://uusikaupunki.fi/kasvatus-ja-opetus/varhaiskasvatus/esiopetus. If your child needs supplementary early childhood education and care, please fill in an application for that too.

Children born in 2016, in the trial groups (daycare center Tiitäinen, Myllymäki and Satulinna) and already in pre-primary education, do not need to be re-reported to pre-primary education by their guardians.