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Mayor Atso Vainio is investigating citizens’ opinions about the future of Uusikaupunki

Puhelin ja kasveja pöydällä

The City of Uusikaupunki is conducting a telephone interview with the help of robotics, the aim of which is to involve the citizens of Uusikaupunki in the planning and development of the future of Uusikaupunki. We have conducted an online survey in English for citizens that speak foreign languages, because the Uusikaupunki telephone robot only operates in Finnish. The responses to the survey will be used to help update the city’s strategy.

- The views of the citizens play a very important role in updating the city's strategy. Telephone interviews conducted with the help of robotics offer us a new and effective way to make the voices of as many citizens as possible heard, says Mayor Atso Vainio.

You can answer the English online survey until 12 December at Webropol. If you speak Finnish fluently, you can call the telephone robot with Mayor Atso Vainio's voice on 075 325 6036. From 7 December to 17 December 2021, on weekdays from 10 am to 8 pm. It is not possible to answer the telephone interview in another language, as the information obtained in the interviews will be post-processed using digital automation.

You can read more about the Finnish telephone interviews in the newsletter via thease links (in Finnish.)
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