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Coronainfo week 13/2021

Uudenkaupungin koronavirus tiedote.

In the last two weeks, 26 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Uusikaupunki

The amount of Coronavirus infections has been increasing among children and youth in our region. There have also been incidents of groups of children and youth who have been exposed to the virus. If your child has symptoms, they should stay at home. Even children with mild symptoms should not be taken to school or to day care.


Please adhere to the quarantine instructions

People have not been following the quarantine instructions.

Please be sure to follow all of the instructions given, regarding quarantine and home isolation.

If you have been infected
A person who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus will be remanded to home isolation. The person must stay away from other people and not go outside of the home where he/she isolated.

If you have been exposed
The Coronavirus is a communicable disease and can be passed on very easily, even if you are merely in the same space as the infected person. To be exposed means that you have been near or around another person or group where one or more persons have been infected with the Coronavirus. A person is placed in quarantine after being exposed to a coronavirus infection. According to the standard procedures, the quarantined person should avoid all contacts with people outside their own home.

During quarantine time it is not possible to meet friends, go to work, shopping, to the pharmacy or participate in any hobbies. Outdoor activities are permitted using a mask and maintaining safety distances of 2 meters.


Now in turn: People born in 1951 or earlier as well as caretakers living in the same household.


Appointment booking for week 14 begin on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 2 p.m. You can book your time online or via telephone.

By the end of this week, about 4,000 vaccines will have been given in this region.

For more information about vaccinations and to book your appointment online, visit