Sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelut
Social services and health care

Coronainfo week 10/2021

Uudenkaupungin koronatiedote.
A total of 186 coronavirus infections have been identified during the pandemic within in the five municipalities in this region. Uusikaupunki 153 infections, Pyhäranta 14, Vehmaa 11, Taivassalo 5.

Corona infections are being confirmed in the region daily. In the last two weeks, more than 30 new infections have been diagnosed in Uusikaupunki. The need for hospital care has increased throughout the province, which has become a bit of a challenge for healthcare in this area.

The city has all available restrictive measures in place. However, mere restrictions will not reverse the direction of the epidemic. To reverse this epidemic, we must have the full commitment of local residents to adhere to safety instructions and recommendations. The decisive factor is to minimize any extra, unnecessary contacts.  We all play a huge role in slowing down the spread of the virus and stopping this epidemic.

Residents of all ages are expected to be diligent with adhering to safety instructions and considering how their own actions could even better prevent the spread of infections.

Avoiding contact in public places

There has been a declaration from the Government to avoid close contacts in public spaces. The Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwest Finland issued 4.3.21 decision to avoid close contacts in places considered customer premises. According to the decision, operators must ensure that there are no close contacts between persons in the customer premises (stores, shopping centers, offices, hotels). The decision concerns the following actors: private entities, foundations and other legal entities, private traders, municipalities, associations within municipalities, religious communities and other bodies governed by public law.

The decision concerns operators who have spaces that are used for the stay of more than 10 guests or participants at a time. Operators should make a written plan for how they will prevent close contact between the public and customers. The plan should be displayed in the customer space. AVI has published a plan template and guidelines for creating a plan on its FAQ website. The preparation and compliance with the plans will be supervised by Uusikaupunki Environmental Health Care.